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Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

West Palm Beach Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

1501 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

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Dr. Kris Reddy Reviews and Ratients 

Dr. Kris Reddy FACS, West Palm Beach plastic surgeon, is the only board certified plastic surgeon to

be a Fellow of American and International College of Surgeons in Palm Beach County. Dr. Reddy is also a

member of the exclusive American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. During his 30 years as a board

certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Reddy has received numerous accolades and consistent excellent patient

reviews and ratings.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

After having a breast augmentation procedure done two different times due to difficulties, lack of symmetry and infection, I was very reluctant to go through the procedure a third time as I was no too sure I was prepared to deal with the recovery process again.  The first two times was both mentally and physically draining for me and left me quite emotional and fearful of every going through such a procedure again.  This procedure is suppose to be fairly easy, and recovery should be quite quick with minimal chance of complications.

I researched potential surgeons to meet with regarding the third procedure, I found Dr. Reddy and went in for my consultation.  As reluctant as I was, I knew that if this surgeon didn't strike me as someone who could fix my issue I wouldn't do it again.

Dr. Reddy exceeded every expectation I had as a surgeon. He was extremely thorough through our consultation, spoke with my husband, gave him contact numbers should he have any questions outside of office hours.  He met with me three times in total leading up to the surgery to make sure I was comfortable with the procedure, to do pre op tests, and to make sure he had a sound game plan for the procedure.  I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Reddy doing this procedure.

After the surgery within the first week I went back and saw him three times, he called me personally to check and make sure all was well and to see if I had any questions or concerns.  I was blown away by the care and consideration that Dr. Reddy had for my situation!!

So, of course, the most important part would be the outcome, I am 9 days post op and my recovery has been absolutely perfect!  Symmetry is better than ever, no discomfort and the final Appearance is exactly what I was looking for.  I can't even really put into words how grateful I am to Dr. Reddy for his care, consideration, knowledge and professionalism towards my situation.

I would highly recommend Dr. Reddy for any procedure which he offers as I am confident that he will provide the same to any one of his patients as he provided me.



Boynton Beach, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS


"I'd like to start off by saying I am not only happy with Dr. Reddy and his caring staff but grateful for such a successful surgery. From the initial inquiry of a Breast Augmentation, to follow up's post operation I have received nothing but kind, helpful, attentive services from the office of Dr. Reddy. Deciding to go forth with this operation was fearful for me because two years prior I had an unsuccessful Breast Augumentation. Dr. Reddy was patient, honest and reassuring while I took months going back and forth on my decision of undergoing surgery for the second time. Dr. Reddy always took his time with me, sometimes spending an hour measuring, weighing out options, sizes for my body and porortion. All the while, I was always so nervous because of the failed procedure just two years prior. I remember the day I gained trust with Dr. Reddy. I knew he was not only the doctor for me but the most honest doctor I've ever crossed paths with. He looked at me, sitting in his office and said "you're not ready for this, go home, take your time and come back when you're positive you'd like to go through with this. It's important your mentally prepared." Dr. Reddy became my friend at this point, not only my doctor. I went home, over came my fears, and three months later I came in ready to go forth with my procedure. His staff welcomed me with smiles, care, and attentiveness.

Here I am happy and healthy as can be, almost a year after surgery. I experienced not one problem post operation with Dr.Reddy. My breasts feel so natural, look so natural, and appear as natural as ever. Dr. Reddy was right, 300CC was a perfect size and I am truly so satisfied with my results. My husband is happy as well. I am so grateful to have met Dr. Reddy and would recommend him to anyone. He is more than a doctor he cares, he's honest and he treats his patients like family."

–  AC

Wellington, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"After three children, I felt a little bad about my body. I went to Dr. Reddy from a recommendation of a friend. Dr. Reddy and I discussed a breast augmentation and liposuction in the initial consultation. On the day of my pre-op, Dr. Reddy suggested the butt lift as well. He did not charge extra for the procedure, and I love the results. It completes me. Thank you!!!"

 – M.G.

West Palm Beach, Florida 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Prior to coming to Dr. Reddy, my daughter was teased constantly at school by her classmates. Dr. Reddy performed otoplasty. He was kind and excellent. The staff was very good as well. My daughter has increased confidence. She was just asked to her first school dance. "

– J.T.

Boca Raton, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

 "I went to Dr. Reddy as a result of a prior surgery by another doctor that left my flanks asymmetrical...The other doctor, after two surgeries with revisions told me that there was nothing else he could do to fix the problem he created....I waited nearly a year before seeing Dr. Reddy....After extensively examining me, Dr. Reddy told me that he could reduce the problem area in half...He was very realistic and gave me an optimistic outlook without any false promises...His candor, easy going manner and great staff gave me confidence with my decision to go with him....Now after six weeks I can tell you that the problem area (left flank) looks fantastic and has exceeded my expectations....Thank you Dr. Reddy and staff!"

- R.H.

Boca Raton, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I was looking for an experienced Plastic Surgeon. I went to a couple of Doctors and had consultations and wasn't impressed. When I called for a consult with Dr. Reddy it was late Friday afternoon nearing almost evening, and his office was closed. I thought I should leave a message about a consult or just wait and call on Monday morning to set up an appointment. I decided I'd leave a short message. A couple hours later that Friday Evening Dr. Reddy called me I was so pleased that the Dr. would take his own personal time to call me on the start of the weekend. I set up an appointment for the beginning of the week. Right away when I met Dr. Reddy in person I felt comfortable. I told him I wanted a facelift. He explained the entire procedure. He was direct and caring and put all my fears to rest. It's been about a month since my operation and I can tell you I'm a new Woman. I lost 20 years and found the best Doctor in the world. I usually don't leave recommendations but Dr. Reddy's expertise is warranted all the hoopla I can say. If you're in need of any kind of Plastic Surgery I suggest you give Dr. Reddy's office a call. His staff is wonderful also.. Caring knowledgeable and realize your time is important. If you're considering any type of surgery.. take my advice and call Dr. Reddy I don't think you'll ever regret it."

– Joyce

West Palm Beach, FL.


 Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Reddy and his staff are sensitive to your needs. They excel in all areas. I have had multiple procedures and have recommended Dr. Reddy to numerous friends as well as my family. I was first treated in 1999 for breast augmentation and mastopexy (lift). Subsequently, I have had rhinoplasty, liposuction and also lip augmentation. I would not trust my health or the health of others with anyone other than Dr. Reddy."

– Jennifer

Lake Worth, Florida 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Excellent!!! Everyone is so warm and friendly. Dr. Reddy and his staff put the patients first."

– Lindsay

Boynton Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I am no writer by any means, so what I am about to write comes straight from the heart.

I met Dr. Reddy 10 years ago for a consultation after I had surgery by a different physician, which was not exactly right. Because of that, I was looking to get that fixed. I thought to myself that I would not go to just the cheapest surgeon, as I did previously. Therefore, I had made 5 appointments in one day. Dr. Reddy was my last consult of the day, and not only was he the cheapest, he was also the only one that spent any amount of time with me, telling me what would benefit me and what wouldn't. Needless to say, I booked my first surgery with him to correct what the previous physician did. When I was able to take off my compression bandages, the results were PERFECT and exactly what I wanted. I have to admit that I was scared at first because of what I went through previously. At that time, my self esteem was where it should be. I was so happy and so was my husband.

I went back 1 to 2 years later to have another procedure, and again, the results were amazing. Because I was so happy with my 2 procedures that Dr. Reddy had done, I started talking about him and the work that he did, to my friends and anyone else that I ran into that was looking to have cosmetic surgery. Alot of them had procedures done as well. They too were very happy with the results.

Dr. Reddy has performed several procedures on me and I cannot name one of them that I was not extremely happy with. His staff is great as well, very very friendly. My experience with him and his office over the past 10 years has changed my life drastically. I feel like I have had a full body make over, thanks to Dr. Reddy.

I still continue to talk about Dr. Reddy and his practice anytime I run into someone that wants to have a procedure done and will continue to do so. I want people to have the same experience I did.

One more thing that makes Dr. Reddy different from others, is he will tell you what to expect and how you will benefit from a procedure that you want to have. If he feels that you wouldnt benefit much from it, he will tell you rather than taking your money and doing it anyway. He is a very honest person and he will change your life, he did mine."

– Melissa

Okeechobee, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Reddy took the time to understand what I wanted and delivered."

– S.W.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"As a tennis coach, I was always out in the sun. The sun damage especially in my cheeks was very bad. Dr. Reddy and his staff put me on Obagi along with a series of peels. I was amazed by the improvement. I wish I had Dr. Reddy take photos prior to the start as I would have liked the before and afters.

 – T.C.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the cosmetic surgery you performed. What a transformation. I remember when I first came into your office you saw me from afar and said what a pretty women. As I got closer to you, you told me my face does not match what you called my youthful personality! I had abused my skin through many years of being a sun worshiper!!

I felt very comfortable with you and had no hesitation to go ahead and fix all the skin damage that I hated to see in the mirror every morning. Previous to my visit with you I consulted with 3 other plastic surgeons. I never felt comfortable with them so I continued to put it off.

After the surgery I was brave enough to tell my sisters who lived out of town . They were appalled that I would do such a thing. Six weeks later I went home for Thanksgiving and they saw me for the first time since the surgery. Their comments were all the same; "where do I sign up?"

I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks you for making me look youthful again! I am now engaged to my high school sweetheart. Even though I know I do not look like he remembered me 37 years ago he honestly says I am more beautiful now than I was then. I think that has a lot to do with your artistic hands and love being blind!!

You are my favorite Doctor!!

Thank you!

– C.C.

Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I went to Dr. Reddy to correct my nose. I was not ready for surgery, and Dr. Reddy agreed that I did not need it. The radiesse that he gave me worked and I get compliments. I am very happy."

– B.A.

West Palm Beach, FL.



Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I love my results and it really was painless. I had implants put in 10 years ago with another surgeon and it was extremely painful. I had to change out my implants and have a breast lift after two kids. You really are the best. My boyfriend thinks they are great also."

– M.T.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"After massive weight loss, I went to consult with Dr. Reddy regarding loose skin. Dr. Reddy was very patient in explaining the benefits and risks. The results surpassed my expectations, and I am very pleased."

– T.S.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Reddy treated acne scars on my face and the results have been excellent. I don't feel that people are staring at me any more. Thank you."

– E.G.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Kris Reddy and his staff surpassed what I could expect. They have treated me very well, and I feel very comfortable with the office and Dr. Reddy."

– L.J.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I felt younger after my treatment. After my treatment I looked at least 10 years younger. I will have treatment over and over."

– K.Y.

Atlantis, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I had very heavy upper lids that I needed repaired. Dr. Reddy made it look very natural, and I look much more refreshed now. His office worked with me to get reimbursed for the surgery. Definitely a good experience. He would be my go to guy if I need anything else or if a friend needs something."

– A.R.

West Palm Beach, FL. 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Was very pain free and the results were rejuvenating. took about a week to recover but the results were natural and long lasting. Needed to get a personal boost to face the decade of 55 to 65."

 – D.S.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Reddy performed liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. My down time was minimal, and I was surprised at the lack of discomfort/bruising/swelling. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend his services. Just as important as his ability, I found his manner along with the staff very comforting."

– A.J.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr. Reddy performed a breast augmentation on me. Great job. I get raves and it has boosted my self confidence."

– B.A.

 West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"He did a wonderful job!!!! Have had nothing but compliments on how good I look!! Office and staff were very professional, friendly and courteous!! Will go back for other procedures!!!!

 – Kassandra

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr Reddy has a great team on his side and I personally know many of you have been there for a long time. I had liposuction done by Dr Reddy about 15 years ago. I went to 3 different plastic surgeons to check them out. I chose Dr. Reddy then because I felt he was the most sincere and loves what he does. And of course is very qualified. What mattered most was that I was confident in his ability to do what's best for me. I found that to be true 15 years ago and now again in 2011. Even more so now. This time I wanted to have my eyelids done. He made a suggestion after studying my face and pointing out how some neck lipo would make a drastic difference in my overall appearance. So i did, after all- he is the expert. And I'm glad I did cause that really did make a huge difference. Now I couldn't imaging if I took care of my droopy eyelids and left the droopy neck.

(He is an artist and we are his canvas. )

Whenever I had a question, no matter what time of day, someone was always available to answer even if it was lunchtime.

I have complete trust in Dr. Reddy and I always will."

 – Bonnie

 West Palm Beach, FL. 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I was nervous about this but Dr. Reddy and his staff were extremely patient and explained everything to me. I was worried about the pain, but if wasn't painful! The results were stunning and lasted longer than 6 months!

  – C.B.

 Atlanta, Georgia


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dr Kris Reddy in West Palm Beach did an excellent job. I did not feel a thing. He and his staff made me feel comfortable. I am planning on returning over and over for my treatments."

– K.Y.

Boynton Beach, Florida 


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I went to Dr. Reddy after I had given birth. My breasts had bounced back well, but I need a little work on my body.Dr.Reddy recommended a mini tummy tuck and liposuction. I love the results. He has restored my confidence."

– M.L.

West Palm Beach, FL.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I went to Dr. Reddy for a breast augmentation and liposuction. My experience with him was very positive. I have since recommended him to my mother who also had breast implants and one of my friends who has since went to him for liposuction. All were very pleased. I am now gonna go back for some liposuction of my neck and fat injections. My experience with Dr. Reddy has a very good one.


 Lake Worth, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I have never walked into a doctors office and been treated with so much respect and kindness. Dr. Reddy and his staff literally open up their arms and treat you like apart of their family. I have been beyond please with every procedure Dr. Reddy has performed. Thank You Dr.Reddy and staff!

– Krista

West Palm Beach, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"I saw Dr. Kris Reddy this year for a neck and mid face lift, upper and lower eyelids, and laser treatment for around my mouth and chin. He even repaired a split ear lobe that an earring had torn years ago! My surgery went very well, and the staff of women were very supportive. I had no visible scarring around my ears and within 15 days I was able to go back to work. Some people who I see every day didn't seem to notice much (just refreshed!), but people who hadn't seen me in a few months were saying "You look amazing! You look so much younger!" I am 62 and several people, men and women have guessed my age by 10 years younger. I love Dr. Reddy, he gives sensible advice, reasonable prices and is very caring. I recommended a friend a couple years older than myself and she went for a midlift and laser treatment with more procedures on her wish list.

 – E.C.

Boca Raton, Florida


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"Dear People Listen to Wisdom:

I've asked myself in life, does beauty lie within, or are we inspired by the beauty to search the soul a person to find their inner beauty.

Yes, deep within the soul of people we are inspired by the eyes that make a person sparkle, one's clear skin, one lack of the aging face, all gone. A gift, Dr. Kris Reddy brings to all that he helps, causing these souls to smile with their new reflections as seen in the mirrors. The mirror which speaks the truth.

The love of life is in the essence of the soul that lies behind our face, I have felt this during my time of knowing Dr. Kris Reddy and experiencing this surgeon's special care of his patients.

People smile at me when they see my pretty face, and they often begin the search to find my thoughts of life. So the mask I wear is beauty, and Dr. Reddy shares his wealth of experience to intensify this magical image.

Dr. Reddy will make you smile again, as youth is brought back to your life with his gentle hands and experience with passion of making people light up with beauty. So, we all can experience what life offers, old and young alike.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Reddy and his staff of warm hearted people who will give you time, attention, and listen to your thoughts and your visions.

Thank you, Dr. Reddy, for sharing your skills and awakening my spirit so many times over the 20 years.


 – Joanne

Jupiter, Fl.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"In 2010 I was tired of looking tired and interviewed two surgeons.I didn't come away from either appointment with a positive "this is the surgeon I want!"so I had some injections with a dermatologist which helped but is no substitute for surgery.Having spent 35 years in the beauty industry as a hairdresser ,makeup artist and salon owner I've seen plenty of before and after clients with excellent-good-not so good-and awful results. I ran into an old friend and told her I was looking for a surgeon and she referred me to Dr Reddy.Thank you my friend. Dr Reddy spent quite a bit of time with me and took pictures.I met his wonderful staff and left that office knowing I found my surgeon.I had upper and lower lids and a necklift.No incisions into my hairline minimal bruising around my eyes-no bruising on my lower face-stitches were behind my ears and invisible.very little post op pain.Very very happy with the results.In December 2012 I had mini touchup  on the lower part of my face.
I am so happy with my results and the care I received. A friend I referred had a necklift and is thrilled.Patient referrals are the best advertisement you can get.


I did not have unrealistic expectations of surgery no one can turn the clock back 20 or 30 years.I would never lie about my age.I just wanted a better version of my current self and Dr Reddy absolutely gave me that.Thank you."

– T.S.

Boynton Beach, Fl.


Testimonial for Kris Reddy, MD, FACS

"As a professional artist, I am so pleased with the sophisticated SMAS and neck rejuventation face-lift you so delicately performed with such artistic skills. I look in the mirror and see a youthful beautiful face, which reflects how I feel with my active lifestyle. Your friendly staff and nurses are so personal and professional. I am so pleased and happy with the surgical performance. You are an artist!

Local Artist

West Palm Beach, Florida


Additional Reviews can be found on Realself where Dr. Reddy is one of the Realself 100 for highest patient satisfaction and quality : RealSelf Patient Reviews of Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS




1501 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

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Dr. Kris Reddy - AAAASF Nationally Certified Operating Facility


* Results may vary from patient to patient. 

Dr. Kris Reddy FACS - 10,000 square foot Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Kris Reddy FACS is a member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS), which only about 1% of board certified plastic surgeons are accepted. Dr. Reddy also has the rare distinction of being a Fellow of American and International College of Surgeons, the only board certified plastic surgeon in South Florida to have both distinctions

Dr. Reddy does his procedures in his own AAAASF nationally accredited center, which allows him to provide the highest quality of care and highest safety standards for his patients.

Dr. Kris Reddy has the rare honor to be one of the 100 physicians nationally to be part of the Realself 100 for the highest standard of quality, safety, and satisfaction in the country which is driven by the reviews from our patients:

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS

Dr. Kris Reddy - Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS

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Non-Surgical Procedures

Patients are constantly surprised about the number of conditions that Dr. Reddy can correct nonsurgically. Ask Dr. Reddy for a free consultation in a wide range of areas including forehead lines, lip appearance and texture, frown lines, thin lips, crow's feet lines, double chin, flattened cheeks/sunken cheeks, thinning or inadequate lashes, lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth, skin appearance and texture, and nonsurgical fat reduction: 


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Dr. Reddy Societies and Honors:

Dr. Kris Reddy FACS - West Palm Beach Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for 30 years


Realself 100 - Realself American Society of Plastic Surgeons - Dr. Kris Reddy American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - Dr. Kris Reddy Dr. Kris Reddy Owns his own AAAASF nationally accredited surgical facility


Fellow of American College of Surgeons  Fellow of International College of Surgeons - Dr. Kris Reddy FACS

  Dr. Kris Reddy FACS - Board Certified by American Board of Plastic SurgeonsWest Palm Beach Certified Coolsculpting Practice Plastic Surgery patient satisfaction - Plastic surgeon patient satisfaction

West Palm Beach Better Business Bureau - Better Business Bureau West Palm Beach

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Realself Hall of Fame

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Commonly Used Brands Include: 


West Palm Beach Botox and Botox West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Breast Implants and Breast Implants West Palm Beach   Breast Implants West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Breast Implants

West Palm Beach Juvederm and Juvederm West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Voluma and Voluma West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Volbella - Volbella West Palm Beach  West Palm Beach Vollure - Vollure West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Coolsculpting - Coolsculpting West Palm Beach   West Palm Beach Kybella

West Palm Beach Restylane - Restylane West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Restylane Lyft - Restylane Lyft West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Restylane Silk - Restylane Silk West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Restylane Defyne - Restylane Defyne West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Obagi - Obagi West Palm Beach West Palm Beach Latisse - Latisse West Palm Beach

Dr. Kris Reddy - Diamond Level Injector using Genuine Botox and Dermal Fillers


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Dr. Kris Reddy is a board certified plastic surgeon and specializes in breast enhancement, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and redefining the face. Dr. Reddy performs breast augmentation, breast lift, breast implant revision, breast implant removal, liposuction, tummy tuck, butt lift, facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelids surgery), laser resurfacing,  Halo laser, dermal fillers, botox and more at the West Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center, his nationally accredited facility, which is located in West Palm Beach. 

Dr. Reddy is one of the first board certified plastic surgeons to offer the new Gummy Bear Cohesive Implant.


Dr. Kris Reddy is a leader in West Palm Beach among Board Certified Plastic Surgeons as:


  • International Reputation for Breast Implants, Facelift/Neck Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Surgery, Ear Surgery. and Liposuction. 
  • Leading West Palm Beach plastic surgeon injector in dermal fillers and Botox  utilizing Voluma, Juvederm, Botox, Vollure, Volbella, Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft,  Restylane Refyne/Defyne and Radiesse including for nonsurgical facelift, and lip augmentation.
  • Certified Coolsculpting Center and Certified Kybella Center in West Palm Beach
  • Only physician in West Palm Beach to offer the cutting edge Halo Laser. Certified Clinician for Halo Laser and Laser Resurfacing
  • West Palm Beach leader for plastic surgery for men including procedures such as male breast reduction/gynecomastia correction.
  • Offers 3 procedures to correct a "double chin" including Chin Liposuction, Coolsculpting/Coolmini, and Kybella.
  • Providing Latisse, Obagi and SkinMedica Skin Care Products.
  • Performs Lipoma Removal, Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer Correction, Mole/Skin Lesion Removal, and Torn Earlobe Repair.


Warning: Many of the before and after photographs on this website contain nudity.The photographs are meant for educational purposes. If you are offended by such material or are under the age of 18, please do not continue to read.